Ethan turns 1!

I can’t believe this year has flown by! Mr. Ethan celebrated his birthday with just a little cake. I think he liked it.

cake smash first birthday happy boy








Gabriel is growing up way too fast! He’s such a handsome little guy, with more personality than any 8 month old I’ve ever seen. I just had to capture that upside down pacifier too- because that’s something worth preserving.  They’re only little for such a short time. Even as this post is written, Mr. Gabriel has already grown, learned new skills, and explored more of his world. Way to go little guy! Now, if you could just slow down…

Dapper young fellow

so happy bare funny guy flirting priceless memories tongue


There’s this boy. He was an unexpected blessing to an incredible family. He keeps them on their toes. He’s sweet, and smart, and silly. And he’s growing up. His mama called because she loves his curls, but it’s time for his very first haircut. Mama’s know that over the course of ten minutes in the chair, your “baby” is no more, and a big boy emerges, ready to take on the world. It’s bittersweet, really. So Mr. Maverick and his amazing mama came to see me before those locks are trimmed. We did some of his and his mama too- because he may outgrow her lap, but this age NEEDS to be frozen in time. Forever.

surprise face




Lilian’s cake smash

Little Miss Lilian visited today for her birthday celebration. She was such a serious girl, but when the cake was set down before her she dug in and destroyed it. Her little tutu was so cute too! It had pom poms in it and sparkly “happy birthday” die cut pieces. Such a pretty girl!

cake initially unsure sure, I'll try a bite tasty one last taste

Cameron 3 months

I was fortunate enough to meet Cameron’s family before his arrival. He had a special little elephant waiting to meet him. Image

He was the sweetest little guy when he came for his newborn session.


Today he came for his 3 month visit, and boy has he grown!


Look how handsome he’s getting!


And big sister loves to help in any way she can, especially holding him.


He is such a smiley little guy. And there’s his elephant!


And of course, he loved chomping on his little hands- they’re fun to chew on!


Big sister wanted a turn in the spotlight too.


What a great day for a visit!!

Strickland gender reveal…

Baby number 4 is on it’s way! Having two boys and a girl, will Lisa even the playing field, or will Ella be the sole princess? Today was the day to find out! Lisa made a large pinata and asked the ultrasound ladies to call ME and reveal the gender, so it would be a surprise for her! Hanging from the pinata were ribbons- only one would open the bottom and reveal the gender. Everyone took turns guessing: ImageImageImageImageImage

Finally it was time to pull the ribbons that opened the pinata to reveal…..

It’s a……..

000_1023 000_1028 000_1031 000_1036



Yes Ella, a boy.


Congrats so much! I can’t wait for his arrival! (You better call early)